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Discover A New Passion With Certified Scuba Instructors

Explore new depths and get started on your diving adventure with training from certified scuba instructors at Aquatic Adventures in Zephyrhills, Florida. Get helpful advice from master repair technicians at our store and full-service repair on nearly all dive equipment.

Divers and Equipment

Our Team Of Certified Dive Instructors

Our staff of certified dive instructors are also avid dive enthusiasts. From recreational diving to technical diving, our staff has the expertise you are looking for. Our dive instructors dive every single month, daily if possible and are fully committed to our customers and students.

Repair Technicians

Zeagle Express through Aquatic Adventures of Florida work together to offer full-service repair on most brand names. All repair technicians are dive instructors and are experienced in repairing or servicing all types of dive equipment.


At Aquatic Adventures of Florida, we offer a range of diving services. We specialize in:

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Dive Gear

We keep things interesting at Zeagle Express by adding new lines of dive gear, so check back often for new equipment. With 35 years of experience using and selling dive equipment, Zeagle Express stands behind every product we sell.

Rick Murcar

About Rick Murcar

PADI MSDT 205070, SDI TDI 6838,
NACD I-152, DAN 6285

This Canadian born Florida resident started diving in 1976 in the cold waters of the Great White North. True to his heritage his first open water dive was in December of that year through a hole in the ice (How Canadian is That !). An instructor since 1996, Rick teaches classes for PADI, SDI, TDI, NACD and DAN, he uses his extensive experience in all of his teachings from training Open Water Divers to Fully Certified Cave divers and explorers.

Rick's diverse scope of diving experience, ranges from basic recreational to full technical, public sfatey, science and research and limited commercial diving. Rick's experience has been sought out by CNN, ABC, NBC, BBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Canadian Television Network, Australian Broadcasting Corporation  News Network, Asian News Networks and multiple radio and podcast  interviews.  If Rick doesn't do it yet he's learning how.  He holds a degree in Eletrical Mechanical Engineering and served in the Canadian Amred Forces for 30 years, retiring as a captain and was a certified law enforcement officer.  Rick will teach you basic skills to some more advanced techniques depending on your personal goals.

Some of Rick's Non-Diving Certifications to Instruct:
     • PADI Emergency First Responder
     • SDI CPROX
     • National Safety Council CPR and First Aid and AED
     • Divers Alert Network Oxygen Provider

 Other Instruction Certifications
     • Enriched Air Nitrox
     • Advanced Nitrox\
     • Decompression Procedures 

     • Wreck Diver
     • Underwater Search, Rescue and Recovery
     • Dry Suit
     • Underwater Navigation
     • Deep Diver
     • Cave
     • Ice Diver

Special Interests and Skills
     • Law Enforcement and Public Safety Diver Volunteer
     • President of the NACD
     • Ministry of Natural Resources Underwater Researcher
     • Dive Physiology Research Diver
     • Save Ontario Shipwrecks - Supporter
     • Divers Alert Network Supporter
     • International Underwater Cave Rescue and Recovery (IUCRR)- Volunteer
     • Factory Certified Equipment Service Technician

Biography: Diana Murcar


They say behind any successful man is a woman and Diana is no exception. She often works behind the scenes where and when possible. No small accomplishment given her busy daily personal routine.

Scuba diving became a pivotal aspect of Diana's life when she married Rick. Having completed open water certification in February 2001, she soon advanced to higher certification levels.

Diana Murcar
Underwater videography and photography are of a special interest to Diana. She is a professional educator who has been teaching since 1987 following her graduation with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio. She received a Masters Degree in Education from Saint Leo University, Saint Leo, Florida in 2001.

Consider this unique experience, a marriage where both the husband and the wife encourage one another to pursue their unique gifts and interests. Diana feels she is blessed that her husband's vocation is scuba, a sport he loves to participate in and share with others. He is also her staunchest supporter in encouraging her to pursue the sport of scuba and her talents as an artist. In December of 2001, Rick surprised her by renovating one of the largest rooms in their home into an art studio. Later he built a 1250 sq ft studio. If Diana isn't scuba diving she is in her studio perfecting her talents as a visual artist. Portraits are her specialty as they pose a unique challenge at every opportunity. This is an area where God has blessed her. If you were to ask her why a portrait rather than a photograph the reply would be "Portraits portray a beauty that cannot be caught on photo paper", unless it is a photo of one of her portraits . This art form gives her many opportunities to seek God and ask him to show her the beauty he sees in the person she is painting. The art works on this website, the Genesis Diving Institute's FROG Logo and the MO-Diver Character are her original works. If you are interested in purchasing prints of the work or to commission a portrait for yourself or someone special in your life, please contact Diana at Aquatic Adventures of Florida.


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Weight-Integrated Buoyancy Systems

Zeagle pioneered the practical weight-integrated buoyancy compensation device (BCD) system, which is why they have more experience designing and manufacturing weight-integrated systems than any other company. For over 35 years, Aquatic Adventures of Florida, the oldest Zeagle products dealer, has helped Zeagle develope buoyancy systems for the casual recreational diver, the technical diver, and for the most specialized military applications.

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